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Coffee Colored Eyes

by Old table

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Why don’t you get me a water with ice jump on the ground and don’t think twice why don’t you get me a silvery vice to pounce around the town Why don’t you get me a water with ice jump in the air like some bird-like mice done with the beer and vice for the night i’d sooner just saunter around make myself useful and ending up used and improved gap in her tooth that the rainbows of truth all shoot through crowning the black girl and burning the blackmail avenues packed wail and straiten your back jail break Jail Break surrender my youthfull appearance in service of you
they begin with a violent whacking silent cracking wise guys in the weeds again with a violent caring Thai food sharing governments to creeds with her highness lacking shy men fracking lovers into laughs with the pirates blaring violins swearing justice in their craft with the same day draining crooked framings Acme king shit greed with the orphan prism populism free the prison’s need while a fly girl wearing white pearl earrings blew a kiss my way but i won’t schism to corporatism I know she’s CIA
I was in love with a maoist-lenninist she took one look at me and said, “you’ll never be what I need” That’s when I joined, since then I’ve been studying nursing but I can’t stand the sight of blood all the science is just like Empty Algebra to me I miss the Lynx the mountain lions that used to live around here I heard tell of a witch in these woods that can transform into one a lynx that is, I wonder if I could one day learn that power or perhaps it’s not within me
Simile Boy 01:46
Send it off like you’re Magellan in a Quagmire Put it down like it was doggie in a cage Zombie Came to kill you Sucked her puss on a Hickey Put it off like it was Homework Bob told you to do Did a Flip like the first nice winter day With the female Jolly Ranchas Stained the Glass inside you Had a psychic break and found out you were Gay meaning of the words was simple if it let you get obsessed like you’re a painter from old days summer ended quicker like the beginning of “WRENCH” Jumping swimmers in the lake of discontent Could ask or want to (everyday) Could ask or want to Come up quick for air glide again like it was Wind you always prayed to
I could do a thousand takes I could cut out all the mistakes would it mean much more to you if i was “Balky” to your “Baloo” Perfect Strangers you and me though we sprout from the same seed Billion images I know, though you stole away the show Hold desire in contempt, trail’s over “Kanga-“’s spent “Roo” is goin off to jail please don’t fret or cry and wail Communards will win you see final judgement jubilee uphill battle this I know Love to hear your conscious flow Blessed by health and love and weed find the truth dialectically no ad hominem attacks what do you take me for, an ass?
Share the History Books of the World don’t let it bother you Share the History Books of the World don’t let it comfort you When you’re out on the streets my friend would you remember me When you’re up in the air my friend message please send to me: Share the History Books of the World
On the Reel 02:47
Town Meeting 02:38


This is a short 5** track EP of songs I thought went well together, written and recorded at the International Sanitation Facility by myself in the last few months on garageband.

**June 15th 2020 added "Jailbreak" as the first track and made "History Books" the last track. Little edit there.

big thanks to my roommates Joe Jaques, Jack McFeely and Ryan Damian for their vocals on "Begin with a Silent Swearing".

TIMESTALKERS LP out June 5th 2020 on Gentle Reminder Records LP hopefully shortly after that on Feeding Tube

Hope everyone stays happy and healthy

Tracks 7, 8, 9, produced by geoff william duncanson. Added June 25, 2020
tracks 7-9 Personell:
Played by check out old table: Kevin Yankou- Bass Danny Miliambro Christmas _drums GW Duncanson Keyboards / percussion / other,
Thank you for listening


released May 8, 2020




Old table Tuckahoe, New York

Like most things, Old table is a conspiracy: the bermuda triangle, 9-11, the green party, lizard people, reptillians, the loch ness monster, creasy boy one, Van Morrison and vanessa carlton. Keep on rockin in the tri-state.


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