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Music video for "sonic youth the reptilians and me" Directed by Jon Appel

Music video for "Dancin' in Hell" Directed by Tim Nicholas Starring Seta Morton

ALSO AVAILABLE DIGITALLY: old table 80 track tribute album of different artists in eclectic styles covering old table's songs (FREE):


released May 9, 2015


Becky Chair: Vocals
William Table: Vocals & Guitar
Hollahan: Bass
J Boxer: Drums

Bobby Yankou Keys on Dancin’
Morgan Pappas Flute on Whistling
GI Dave back up vocals on Admin
Bobby, GW & Dave did gang vox on One Demand
Will played bass on Fire.

Thank You to all the casual accomplices, solid bros, soul sistas, gender neutral t-shirt friends, sophisticated listeners, and Dedicated Superfans, who helped make this album possible.

Recorded Autumn 2014 by G. W. Duncanson at Ginger Bird Sound in Yonkers, NY
Mixed & Mastered by GW

all songs written by Will

*No One and the Somebodies contains an homage to "(Humans) Being Human (Beings)" by No One and the Somebodies

*Girls was unconciously nicked from Hollahan's song "Broken Clocks"



all rights reserved


Old table Tuckahoe, New York

Like most things, Old table is a conspiracy: the bermuda triangle, 9-11, the green party, lizard people, reptillians, the loch ness monster, creasy boy one, Van Morrison and vanessa carlton. Keep on rockin in the tri-state.

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Track Name: Commercials Make Me Sad
Ohhh Commercials make me sad
Ohhh it isn't just this bad
Why do we believe?
In what we can't conceive?

Everyone will try to dream a lie
Until the truth turns inside out
A tear within your eye, wonder why
The tone of now is set by you

Commercials make me sad
The pointlessness is mad
How can we believe?
In all this stupid shit they're trying to sell us!

Everyone will try to cheat and lie
Until the truth turns inside out
Logic Woman sighs (& hears the cry)
And nothing-real is seen again

Ohh Commercials make me sad (commercials make me sad)
Ohh Commercials make me sad)
Why … (commercials make me sad)
in Occupy Wall Street (commercials make me sad)
Track Name: Attempt Communiqué
Attempt to leave communication
Somebody else will figure it out
Here we are in parent’s basement
Flying ‘round on cheap guitars

I’d love to see you
Garden Tuesday
I’d love to eat the sun’s
commie rays
To each according to her
Now we alright now feelin’ gay

No more rich astronauts
flying nightmares from the basement
No more pocky for your soul
3 square meals of rich communication,
no one talks before their rolls
are broke!

And the offering is naked, noticed well not hated
And the myth will smile back perfunctory
With torn perfection at the
Factory of Funk

All the money evaluated
By Angels in the sun
Track Name: Emeritus of My Heart
When you were out I took on the drought like a land lubbin trout
You let down your hair I let down my stare and time leapt in the air
And a rhyme knelt down in prayer
and a sign was so unfair
Nobody Cared Nobody cared except for Jimmy the Bear
Nobody cared nobody cared except Jim and Timmy and Claire
And everyone over there
And another one coming upstairs
They're all coming to sit
And take notes at your feminist lecture
Track Name: No One and the Somebodies
We planned a new subway stop here
I’m so glad to mention
We planned a new heart and mind trip
Demolish pretension
And now I have nowhere to go
Except for belief
Now I have no heart or soul
Without the relief
That you and I love each other
We love each other so
We’re comfortable with each other
With each other so

We could put a bus here
We could put a train here


No One and the Somebodies
Track Name: Assalamalaycolmb
I say assalamalacom
you say you should get a job
I say assalama laycomlb
You say something but you’re wrong

Now there's nothing stopping mom

You say no communication
can ever halt the coming end
You say assalama laycolb
only when you're with your friends

And the Violence is pretend

We say assalama lacomb
(We say assalama lacomb)

now the whole world are just friends
Track Name: One Demand
One Demand, One Demand
No War Ever
One demand
One Demand, One Demand
No War Ever
One demand

Secret Police Secret Police
You and I the Secret Police
Chief a’ police
Chief a’ Police
Dissolve it all the chief of police

One Demand One Demand
No War Ever
One demand
One Demand One Demand
No War Ever
One demand

Dissolve the Police
Dissolve the Police
You and I the Secret Police
Secret Police
Secret Police
You and I the Chief of Police

Give Up all your Guns Voluntarily
Give up all your Guns Voluntarily

One Demand
Track Name: Peace 2012
Keep your Moms Clean
Keep your dads clean
Keep your sis clean
Keep your boy clean
dissolve the oil queen
Plant the soil queen
Don’t hurt the ones you’re closest to

I can barely see what’s wrong
I don’t know what’s goin on
What the hell is goin wrong
Miles and Miles of Airship Airship!

Keep your Moms Clean
Keep your Dads clean
Keep your ads clean
Keep your fads clean
Keep your noise clean
Keep your toys clean
Sing a song that’s close to you

Keep it all see what’s wrong
Keep it all see what’s wrong
Keep it all see what’s wrong
Keep it all for AIRSHIP AIRSHIP!


Panoramic view of ma
Oil War across the pond
I can see what’s going on
Little elves they’re singin’ their song

A thousand miles of Airship! Airship!
Thousand miles of Airship Airship!
Thousand miles of breathing airships
Breathing airships flying for:

PEACE 2012
PEACE 2012
PEACE 2012
PEACE 2012

Keep your Mom Clean
Keep Your Dad clean
Keep your sis clean
keep your boy clean
Keep the soil clean
Keep the oi clean
Keep everything close to you
Track Name: Administration of Fear
To the Administration of Fear
Fuck You
When you're frozen on the stand
with your waking dreaming hand
on the bible of the land
your through,
and you have to make your case
to the devil's saving grace
so an angel's beaming face
is renewed.

To the Administration of Fear
Fuck You.

When there's nothing left to save
all your debts have been repaid
so the Jubilee won't fade for you,
the dialectic has been weighed
the Esperanto has been made
the wild animals have paid
for the zoo

To the Administration of Fear
Fuck you
Track Name: Look @ Fire
You go to school so you can get fucked up
Your path is broken and your outta luck
They serve to burn you so you let it go
Nothing matters that you'll never know

Look at my Fire

Feel just like a bag a chips
A fucking Drone and I'm sick of it
Everything's so classified
Behind your calculating eye

Look at my Fire

Drinking Beer out of a paper bag
Let's all go and burn the flag
Arbitrary shells dissolve
Monkeys Dancing at the Mall

Look at my Fire
Track Name: Everyone Cry
No one likes the way I cry
or likes the way I look ‘em in the eye,
or likes the way I stand, or likes the way that I extend my hand to them,
or likes the way I think, or likes the way or when I choose to drink,
or likes the way that I socialize, or really likes any way that I’m comfortable at all
Track Name: Turtle Van Evolution Stone
Getting in the Turtle Van
Getting in the Turtle Van
And it covers up your hand
And it covers up what the Milk Man says it can oh

Getting in the Turtle Van
Getting in the Turtle Van
And it Covers up your plan
With the Simulacra of a smile,
Deep in hand

it’s a three fingered hand and the truth is open honestly
Track Name: Whistling into the Wind
Pentacostal House of Love
In a Hospital Above

Whistling into the wind again

What a lonely way to put a number on a game
Falling out of jealous Love
It’s the only way to put a number on a blame
Take advantage of my heart

Whistling into the wind again

Sega Genesis Games and then I go insane
and then, uh but it's sane
and then I feel like
(Whistling into the wind again)

There's another one who loves
In the Hospital above

Whistling Into the Wind Again
Track Name: Baptist Church
I wanted a Baptist Church here
I wanted a Baptist Church here
You erected a Baskin Robbins
You erected a Dunkin Donuts

I wanted a Catholic Church here
I wanted the Saints to Cry
I wanted to Pray to Mary
Cuz I never want to Die

I wanted a Mormon Church Here
I wanted a Thousand Wives
I wanted a Dunkin' Donuts
But I didn't want to Drive

So I let that Dunkin Go here
And I let that Baskin Lie
And I pray for the Lights to Blow out
Just to Reel in a Clear Night Sky
Track Name: Sonic Youth, the Reptilians, & Me
I'll run Naked through a Suburban county street,
playing saxomaphone and moving quickly on my feet,
just to say something I can not say to your eyes,
just to show something that's less than shrinkwrap,
shrinkwrap and LIES!
I'm over the hill I got a bucketful of toucans glaring at me,
there's nothing left but a glowing talking box and it's not even free,
oh no one cares and it's my fault what a mess,
I wasn't made for this world I should have stayed in the other one,
I should've been a girl,
no one talks to me like a person anymore,
I just juggle my words and hope they're not offended,
I hope I'm not a bore
and It's all about me I can't leave this body, when will I wake up?
Yea it's all about you you can't leave this body,
when will you wake up and join the green party?
Track Name: Dancin' in Hell
Why Are You Dancing, Dancin in Hell
You should only dance in heaven
This Music's too loud and I can't think
I think I'll go outside

I'm gonna stop my dancin, dancin in hell
I've always wanted to dance in heaven
No one likes me cuz I'm too mean
I think I'll go outside and think

I love you mother I love you dad
Gonna stop my dancin’ in hell
I love you daughter I love you son
Gonna stop dancing in hell

Real music crashes the cyclops Warrior
Robots rebellion on the brink
This music's too loud-grey and it's fucking up my happiness
we need some structured time to think

History's a myth and somehow everything is wrong
The truth is Big the Truth is wide the Truth is each and every song
I say a word the word is tied in fact to every labels prong
ohh ohh ohh ohh

I give a shit about making a good impression anymore
A good impression in hell
And every myth you hear is an objective truth of death
Why not create and dance in heaven?