Old Table / Jesse Carsten split

by Old table

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released January 1, 2013

1. Four Leafed Clover 00:00-01:09
2. Leaves Me, Leaves Me 01:10-03:03
3. Psyche Yourself Out 03:04-4:22
4. Nightmare Wire 04:23-5:36
5. Sherry 05:37-7:32
6. Where's the Bad Cop? (Live) 07:33-9:22
7. Luxury Van 09:23-12:08
8. Culture Maker Side 12:09-13:01

These songs were written by Will Moloney & Jesse Carsten, respectively & recorded together in early Spring of 2012 on a Tascam 4 track, in a basement in Portland, Oregon. Faith Newton contributed vocals, poetry, & support. Josh Rabie plays beautiful Fiddle on Jesse's side.

Jesse Carsten:




Old table Tuckahoe, New York

Like most things, Old table is a conspiracy: the bermuda triangle, 9-11, the green party, lizard people, reptillians, the loch ness monster, creasy boy one, Van Morrison and vanessa carlton. Keep on rockin in the tri-state.

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